Online Forum 2020

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Join us during 5 days of FREE access to +20 evolutionary talks
Illuminating the passage from Gender Issues
to Gender Consciousness

An Online Forum for Conscious Men & Women

+20 Experts in the fields of gender, relationships, family therapy, trauma, energy healing, sexuality, etc. will be sharing their best insights and solutions to the current urgent call for alliance between the feminine and the masculine.

JUNE 15-19th 2020

We our Sponsor!

The Gender Wisdom a New Era is calling for!

The constructs of Women and Men roles were established for convenience and practicality in an era where human beings were not yet thriving, but just surviving. However, thanks to our advances in technology, science, health, education, etc.; humanity is now in a position where most individuals can opt to self-actualize.

Nevertheless, in order to let the new in, we must let go of the old by:

Understanding the impact of Gender Issues

In order to change something, we need to understand it. It's important to learn from our history to replicate what worked and get rid of what didn't.

Forging an alliance between the Feminine and the Masculine

As within so without. People are empowered when they understand how these forces dance in their relationships with self, others and universe!

Creating & Implementing harmonic relational models

The only way to learn how to do relationships in a healthy way, is practicing relationally. 

Illuminating the passage to Gender Consciousness

Together we can start
co-creating authentic, harmonic and inclusive partnerships, families and communities. 

+20 Brilliant Speakers & Deep Human Beings

Dr. Jed Diamond

" Transitioning from a domination-based civilization into a partnership culture "

Dr. Davina Kotulski

" Embracing
gender inclusivity
as a new-normal "

Dr. Ray Doktor

" Conscious Parenting
Decoded "

Diana Beaulieu

" Healing toxic masculine imprints and distorted feminine energy with womb awakening practices "

Steffo Shambo

" Tantra as a tool for Male Empowerment "

Anita Devi

" Tantra as an embodied prayer for Women's liberation "

Francisco Fortuño

" Men's circles and the Masculine cycle "

Rosanna Gentile

" Intuition: the feminine portal into clarity "

Mike Sagun

" Living life the Unshakable Man's way! "

Pamela Wasabi

" Returning to the Wild Woman: healing the collective feminine body "

Dr. Megan Wagner

" The power of the
Feminine Initiation  "

Eva Martínez

" Mothering in the 21st century "

Daniela Sani

" Women leading
with soul "

Paul Lloyd Robson

" From a New Perspective on Gender to doing the WORK "

Krystal Alexander-Hille

" Conscious
Erotic Couples "

Paal Christian Buntz

" Embodied Masculine Leadership "

Brittney Bliss

" Sacred Sexuality "

John Aigner

" Free your untamed
masculine essence:
the Wild Man "

Josephine Carmela

" Navigating modern love
& modern conflict "

Gonzalo Salinas

" Break free from
the chains of Sex &
Porn Addiction "

Kirsty & James Greenshields

" Harmonic partnerships, families and communities"

Dr. Ray Doktor

" Cultural changes that support Men, Women and Couples "

MaLe Corona

" Transcending
Gender Issues: I'm a very
creature  "

Ana Otero

Special Opening Ceremony by Mary Magdalene Mystery School

What makes this online event unique:

  • Attend the Online Forum from your computer or mobile device
  • Daily 24 hours of FREE access to content during the event's broadcast
  • +20 brilliant worldwide Gender Experts
  • The most evolutionary Gender Wisdom in the 21st century
  • Opportunity to optionally purchase a FULL-ACCESS pass with recordings in video, mp3's + Exclusive Bonuses!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gender Conscious Online Forum 2020?

Gender Conscious Online Forum 2020 is a full week of +20 worldwide experts sharing online enlightening conversations on gender-related topics, illuminating the path from gender issues towards gender consciousness. (Broadcasting on June 15-19, 2020)

Who is Gender Conscious Online Forum for?

Gender Conscious Online Forum 2020 is for conscious men & women who desire to be agents of change in the world by expanding their awareness of gender wisdom, as well as by bringing their relational skills to the next level in order to create more evolved partnerships, families, teams and communities.

Who are the speakers in this event?

Gender Conscious Online Forum 2020 has recruited +20 worldwide experts in the fields of gender, psychology, relationships, family therapy, trauma, energy healing, spirituality, etc. with the objective of having them share their insights and solutions to the current urgent call for fraternity between the feminine and the masculine forces of life.

What topics are covered in the forum?

  • An overview of gender history from different perspectives, in order to shed light on the current challenges that modern men and women face today
  • Enlightening gender wisdom for conscious feminine-dominant beings
  • Evolutionary gender wisdom for conscious masculine-dominant beings
  • Revolutionary transformational tools for couples and families
  • Illuminating the passage from gender issues towards a gender conscious culture

What do I get access to with my FREE Ticket?

Your FREE Ticket will grant you with 24-hour FREE access to the different conversations published each day of the event. You may optionally buy an ALL-ACCESS pass at $77 USD which will enable you 24/7 unlimited admission to the 2020 forum recordings during one year (special bonuses included).

What are the benefits of purchasing a FULL-ACCESS pass?

If you are afraid you will miss out on the great stuff or you'd like to deeply integrate these teachings into your life, you can always purchase a FULL-ACCESS pass for only $77 USD. The pass will grant you 24/7 unlimited access to the 2020 forum's recordings in both audio and video formats during one year, plus special EXCLUSIVE BONUSES offered by amazing SURPRISE speakers are included.

Hello! I'm your host,
MaLe Corona <3

I’m a certified relationship workshop facilitator; as well as a mentor, author and speaker at

I felt called to organize Gender Conscious Online Forum 2020 because I dream of a world where men & women can feel whole and fully-expressed; in order to lovingly and respectfully, empower each other and work in alliance as co-creators of a more authentic, harmonic and inclusive society.

Dear conscious men & women, your active participation is required and the time is now. Thank you for joining us!